Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We are still here!!!

Well, I guess I will see who still checks this blog! Probably not a lot of people. We have had a very busy fall, winter and spring! Right now, we are 3 weeks away from summer break. Nate and I are looking forward to this! Hopefully when summer rolls around I will update more often--we will see! Here are some recent pictures of the kids. Enjoy!

Hudson is now 3 years old!!

The fam at Disney World

My two favorite boys

Sweet Elaina
She is now 7 months old!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Picture Time

This weekend I had some pictures done of Elaina and Hudson. First, our friend Erin came over and took a few shots of Elaina--they were so cute. Then, my mom, sister and I took Hudson and Elaina to a studio to take some pictures.
Here are some of the results!

The first two are pictures that our friend Erin took. They turned out so cute!

Here are the pictures from the studio.
Girls are so fun to dress up. You have cute clothes, shoes and hair bows!
I have really enjoyed having my little girl to dress up!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

One Month!

Elaina was officially one month old on November 1st. It is really hard to believe that a whole month has gone by since we brought her home from the hospital. It does not seem possible!

Elaina at one month:
~She can hold her head up
~She likes to smile at people
~She loves to be cuddled and held all the time

Here are some pictures of our little girl!
Watching daddy

Trying to talk to daddy

I caught one of her smiles on camera

And another one! :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We have had a busy Halloween week. It all started Sunday. Our city puts on an annual event called Halloween in the Park. We went to take Hudson trick-or-treating and met some friends there. Hudson did well at first but as soon as he saw that first scary mask he was done and ready to go. So, we left and went to have dinner with our friends the Hogue's and the Reifel's. Hudson and Madison had a lot of fun playing at CiCi's.
Here are some pictures:
Madison was a witch and Hudson was a football player.
Here they are being silly!

Too Cute!!

Elaina's outfit
I am loving all the girly hair bows!!

Our little Michigan football player!

On the Friday before Halloween, I brought Elaina up to Nate and I's school. I went to my class party and Nate kept her in his office away from all the germy kids! After the party Elaina and I went to go and have lunch with Nana.

Elaina's first Halloween

Nana and Elaina

On Halloween night we went to a party at the Hogue's house. The kids look so cute dressed up and so did some of the parents. Our friends the Burkhalters had the night's best costume though! The guys took the kids trick-or-treating and after that the kids had a mini dance party. It was a great night!
The Burkhalter's won the best costume award.
Sandra was a Dos Equis bottle, Jason was The Most Interesting Man and
little Isabella was a black cat

Nate and I
I was a witch and Nate was a Detroit Tigers player

Lori was our babysitter for the night!

Daddy and Hudson

Trick-or-treating with Marlie

Dance party!

Hudson having fun dancing!
He was a pretty good dancer!

Elaina's first bath

Elaina had her first bath this week. I even had a little help giving her a bath!

My little helper

Washing her back.

So relaxed


We have had some visitors come the past couple of weeks to see Elaina. Nate's mom(Grandma) came for a week to visit us and help out. Hudson loved playing with Grandma and he had a great time. We also had our friends Dylan and Christina come by with their daughter Madison. Madison was so excited to hold Elaina and she did such a great job.
We also had a very special visitor come--The Hurt's. The Hurt's lived in College Station when I was a student at A&M. I actually use to teach Caroline when she was 4 years old! I also babysat her and her sister and both girls were in Nate and I's wedding. They moved to North Carolina a couple of years ago and we try to keep up with them via e-mail. Carolina and her dad were in town for a wedding and stopped by for a visit. Caroline has grown up so much and was great with Elaina. Here are a few pictures of all our visitors--they are a little out of order.

Hudson playing "wake-up!" with Grandma

Caroline, Elaina and I

Hudson's friend Madison came by to see Elaina and play with Hudson

Nate with his mom

Hudson and Grandma playing

Grandma holding Elaina

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Time

This Saturday we went to a little pumpkin patch to take some pictures. Hudson wanted nothing to do with the pictures. He wanted to play with the pumpkins, ride the tractor, play with the wheel barrel and just run around. What can I say--he's a boy! We tried to get some pictures but most of the time he would not even look at the camera.

The best family picture we could get

Hudson riding the tractor!

Picking out a pumpkin

Uncle Tim helping Hudson load up a pumpkin

Happy Fall Y'all!!